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Innovative Technology For Metal Pretreatment

Water based metal cleaning and surface
preparation formulations

surface treatments offer a wide range of innovative, sustainable water based metal cleaning, metal finishing and surface preparation formulations which prepare parts and fabrications for painting, powder coating or electroplating.

Cleaning to the highest standards is achieved with solutions which are safe for operators, environment friendly, energy efficient and which when exhausted can usually be pumped to mains sewerage without expensive treatments or disposal costs.

Quality Management

EnviroTech Europe is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 for marketing and distribution of specialist cleaning chemicals and corrosion protection products.

ENVIRO Tech Europe is accredited to ISO 9001:2008

Combined cleaning and thin layer technology

Phosphating systems are available to meet the needs of all manufacturers from low temperature lightweight highly flexible iron phosphate conversion coatings for improved impact adhesion on metal furniture, household appliances and other products not exposed to corrosive environments to heavyweight phosphate coatings for pretreatment for demanding applications in transport, aerospace, construction, oil and marine industries.

Pretreatment of aluminium and its alloys present different problems with the evolving legislation concerning the use of chromates. The formulations are based on zirconium and titanium and overcome the environmental problems without loss of performance and are safe for operatives.

metal pre-treatment

Sealing of the coatings improves the performance for exposure to salt spray and high humidity and in corrosive environments. These can use Zirconium, silane or polymers depending on the application. Solutions for derusting and passivation are also included in the range allowing one stop shopping for all your metal surface treatments.

Our high quality metal finishing and surface treatments can be used in immersion, static and conveyorised spray systems supported by an experienced technical team who are able to offer advice in selection of the most effective and economical process to minimise energy and product costs to meet the standards you need for an excellent finish.

Envirotech Europe News
  • Cost effective solutions for all your metal surface treatments
  • Improves metal corrosion resistance
  • Derusting and passivation solutions included in the range
  • Very high solvency power, excellent fast cleaning
  • Minimised production costs
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • Chromate free pretreatment for aluminium and galvanised steel

  • Low disposal costs
  • Stable in use no additives required
  • Excellent customer service, technical support and training from qualified distributors throughout Europe

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Innovative Technology For Metal Pretreatment

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